Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Thought I'd introduce this bunch of Roses-as you can see I'm Pam Rose, I have a husband, a grown up daughter and son, and three small, but characterful doggies. We live in Cheshire in the UK, and we're like any normal family, but sometimes we have some funny tales to tell, hence the blog...
I'm a self employed tender writer, and love messing about on social media once all my work is complete, and especially love getting to the coast as often as we can.
This is my husband Graham who loves golf, watching Manchester United, and has a RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) which he uses as much as he can, depending on weather and tides.
Bumble is the "big brother" of the group, a pug crossed with a west highland terrier, he is a bit of a chunky build, almost 5 years old, always guarding the house, and protecting his "pack".
Max is the "cheeky chappie" of the group, another pug crossed with a westie (not the same parents), he is light on his feet and the fastest by far and is four and a half years old, but he dearly loves to meet other dogs and cats and rabbits and squirrels and shows it by barking copiously or chasing them for miles!
Bella is the princess of the group, a pug, she loves being pampered and snuggled, and makes glorious snoring and "purring" sounds, she's almost 5 years old and we only adopted her when she was just over 2 years old, with a very long list of odd behaviours, but she is a joy to have.

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